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Anatomy of Organisation

Organic Structure

The organic structure of LEO has been built around four mutually interconnected disciplinary approaches that focus on key aspects of the process that generate form, structure and functional organisation during ontogenetic development.

. GEN studies the origin or genetic control
. MOR analyses its expression through morphogenesis
. EVO-DEVO focuses on the evolutionary and developmental transformations
. BIO investigates events of alteration with Biomedical implications

Regular meetings and day-to-day interactions take place in the open architectonic design of the laboratory [view] to allow the integration of scientific research arising from the different disciplinary apoproaches.


Systemic Relationships

LEO operates at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM) in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. [see location]

LEO maintains different types of working relationships with local and foreign research laboratories and institutions, funding agencies, graduate and postgraduate programs and the community. These relationships define four main Interaction Domains (ID) of LEO:

ID1: Research Laboratories and Institutions

. Mutual Enhancement: synergetic relationships where key expertise is combined to generate an integrated multidisciplinary approach of a common research project
. Project-Based Collaboration: collaborative efforts that provide resources and dedicated expertise for the implementation of a project leaded by one of the participating partners
. Academic Counselling & Resource Exchange: relationship based on the exchange of professional knowledge, technical expertise and/or research resources

A list of collaborators in the above categories is given in the section Scientific Network. [view]

ID2: Funding Agencies

. Sponsorship: financial support granted by Chilean and International Governmental Agencies and Charity Foundations aimed to promote LEO’s scientific development. [more]

ID3: Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

. Teaching: training activities for undergraduate (Medicine, Health- and Biology- related careers) and graduate (Ph.D. and Master Programs in Biomedical Sciences) students. [more]

ID4: The Community

. Outreach: approach to the community through LEO’s website, media interviews, open lectures to the general public, and other outreach activities. [more]

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