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Bridging Research & Education in Biomedical Sciences

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The Laboratory of Experimental Ontogeny (LEO) has always believed in the perfect amalgamation of research and education. Founded at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM) in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, LEO represents the brainchild of Dr. Miguel Concha, aiming to offer both research opportunities and educational initiatives.

A Hub for Research Excellence

LEO’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced research methodologies have consistently produced findings that have added value to the understanding of ontogenic development. The laboratory’s focus on innovation and exploration has been instrumental in its meteoric rise in the world of biomedical research.

Educating the Next Generation

Dr. Concha’s vision for LEO was holistic. He not only wished to conduct research but also to cultivate a nurturing environment for budding scientists. LEO’s educational programs, workshops, and seminars have been instrumental in shaping the future of numerous young scholars, granting them the tools and knowledge to make their mark in biomedical sciences.

In conclusion, LEO, under Dr. Concha’s guidance, has seamlessly bridged the gap between research and education, creating a legacy that promises to impact the world of biomedical sciences for years to come.